EcoFriendly products


  • Bacteria use chemical signals to communicate and coordinate behaviors including virulence and biofilm formation.

  • Our technology interrupts bacterial communication by degrading signal molecules thereby preventing bacteria from forming biofilms and to start a virulence program.

  • Applications: Crop protection, Feed, Antibiofilm


  • Organophosphorus compounds are highly toxic molecules used as insecticides in agriculture and as chemical warfare agents.
  • We develop smooth solutions to degrade rapidly (few minutes) organosphosphorus compounds to protect people and remove pollution from wasted soils or waters.
  • Applications: Surface and Skin decontamination

Our products are non toxic and have no environmental impact.

  • Toxicity: Both oral and dermal innocuity were demonstrated in rats
  • No irritation on reconstructed human epidermidis
  • Ecotoxicity: Our enzymes are 1000-fold less toxic than copper on urchin and oyster larvae