They are talking about us

Prix IFPEN-ANRT (2023/11/03)

Raphaël Billot receives the IFPEN-ANRT award for his PhD work with Gene&GreenTK 

Épistémê Entrepreneur (2023/04/21)

Interview of our CEO/CSO Dr. David Daudé by Ari Massoudi

Ma thèse en 180 secondes (2023/03/21)

Our PhD student, Baptiste Kergaravat receives both jury and public prices at the local final of MT180 ! Congrats :)

BFM Marseille (2022/11/03)

Gene&GreenTK in the Spotlight on BFM Marseille !
Interview of our CEO/CSO Dr. David Daudé by Florence Sueur

BemediaTV (2022/11/30)

Interview of our CEO/CSO Dr. David Daudé by Florence Sueur

La Recherche (2021/01/22)

Gene&GreenTK is highlighted by La Recherche in their first quarter issue of 2021! (2019/06/19)

Gene&GreenTK in the Top 20 Industrial Biotech Companies in Europe according to ! (2019/04/30) highlights Gene&GreenTK's technology ! Meet our extromephile enzymes there !

Le Point (2018/05 n°2386)

Press article on Gene&GreenTK in Le Point !
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La Gazette du Laboratoire (2018/01 n°238)

Two-page article on Gene&GreenTK in La Gazette du Laboratoire !
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Sciences et Avenir (2017/11/01)

An excellent article on Gene&GreenTK in Sciences et Avenir

La Tribune (2017/02/23)

La Tribune emphasizes our technology VesuBACT in a press release dedicated to Gene&GreenTK!

20minutes (2016/04/18)

G&GTK develops a spray to decontaminate toxic organophosphorus compounds and validates its proof of concept against real chemical warfare agents.

We are now paying strong attention to security professional feedbacks to finalize the product. 

La Provence (2016/03/25)

We came up with an innovative enzyme cocktail for the decontamination of organophosphorus insecticides and warfare agents. The liquid solution is incorporated in a easy-to-handle spray for simple and rapid utilization.

Agroparc Avignon (2015/10/13)

Gene&GreenTK receives the special prize "Sécurité alimentaire" from AgroParc Avignon for its results regarding pesticides bioremediation. Enzymes developed by the company are highly stable and able to decontaminate most organophosphorus insecticides in a few minutes. 

Les Echos (2015/01/27)

Special focus on IHU of Marseille in Les Echos. The article emphasizes the recent successes of the IHU to valorize its own research by creating and icubating innovative start-ups. 4 new companies are highlighted including Gene&GreenTK. These start-up will be hosted in the new IHU building on the campus Timone of the Faculty of Medicine.

La Provence (2014/11/21)

Economy award in November 2014 for Gene&GreenTK!!! The regional newspaper La Provence together with the industrial and trade chamber decided to reward Gene&GreenTk to encourage the development of its products VesuTOX and VesuBACT.

La Marseillaise (2014/10/01)

From fundamental research to discover and develop potentially therapeutic or decontaminating enzymes that have the potential to be used in industrial processes to the development of our start-up Gene&GreenTK. Everything is summarized in this La Marseillaise article from 2014.

France3 (2014/09/10)

G&G on TV !!! Special focus in France3 News following the article in La Provence. Let's see the video on France 3 website.

France Info (2014/09/09)

Interview of Prof. Eric Chabrière on national radio show (France Info).

Access on the podcast online !!

TV Sud (2014/09/09)

G&GTK in regional TV news !!! TV Sud presents a special report describing G&GTK and its enzymatic technology !


La Provence (2014/09/09)

The first press release to describe the on-going development of VesuBACT. An anti-virulence enzyme designed to limit bacterial infections by blocking bacterial communication. VesuBACT could be used to decrease the incidence of nosocomial diseases and as a treatment of cystic fibrosis patients.